landscape Pines walls of fir, fences of twigs, architectural features – feats – of nature. A chickadee, call of hawk, red-head woodpecker. Three birds flying high to begin with, tails like whirligigs – fluttered into triangles. Divots galore from squirrels digging up walnuts. M. Weider. esquire manufacturing. ROCK. 53 degrees at 10:59. Quoined vinyl siding! R c S monogram. The letter M.  and Myles. Kohl coal black. Magnolia buds growing velvety. Outdoor cafe: bird feathers at intervals of forest edge, patching the grass. One milkweed pod. March is here, harboring spring.



carriers, Berryville VA a trip to Bountiful; way beck then. Sala – Sala and bytes of trivya – F. Lee Bailey, doubles tennis and a board of locusts. Proposed ice cream topping turned into beverage. Airo Steel, Indiana appeal. The Egyptian, the Ravel concertina One heron to report, art in Schuykill Haven: glorious watercolor

Supremely Sunny




is posted and reiterated in advertising zones

that and hearts and chocolate

white chocolate cherry biscotti

Flamingo lakes in Chile heron cousins?

Feature image the raptor – fan rapture in Philadelphia. Go Eagles Go!

Snowy white owl Tiger, express; Vivaldi for two oboes, A minor.


decidedly dreary. An overhead road and distance sign east end W’ville, dripping rain frozen into icicles hanging from lower edge with regularity of blanket fringe – by design dictated


Snow pellets on ground. Rounds and evens it out. Accentuates roof shingles eerie irregular abstract fashion. Wind. Cold at 25 degrees, exterior conditions and settings. Groundhog’s Day. Sun, gloom. Starlings not grackles have glommed onto small landscape trees,, integrated into the framework of branches.