Pass Cap 27

Hawk and heron over shopping center, heron circling, and a higher altitude, than hawk. Bach with breakfast – fugue and figures, a list of things to do.

Downed mailbox, Brumby in the woods rather than the fields, N U R S E R Y, Pearl harbor Island, SH, nut spread? policia, Howard Hosiery Company, T




R  Caution


51 * BARD * + 50 survey salmon and red

ostrich lion connection, weights of pennies, hummingbirds and Carribbean weekends, Native Plant sale and Used table and Umbrella for sale $25. Pioneer Hose, S U N D/I SCHOOL Mozart 5 violin, The Turkish,whirlwin, Scrumptious horn concerto major Melchior, followed by Weber piano, hush my baby don’t you cry everything good on RTI.



17% charged

You go boy! 28 miles. Bus 29. A five. Errand. Division dia09mond. Heron over Liberty street pistil pointing toes. Grey body aloft. More rain please! Rusty door, more and moor to E.



and an orange capital T

Earl Grey tea and cinnamon danish samples

Languages of Papua New Guinea, highest mountain North America, comic strip based on fan section.

A meeting of the minds.

23 Meyer

relected sunlight on the Tulpehocken creek at Red Bridge – it strikes the anled support beams to the upright beams of the covered bridge – the way it flickers is like the start of cinema – motion on a screen, only this without a sneeze or a gallopping horse – and it is high abstract movement depicted here, flickering here.

Vallen: innovation and proven Value

11:46 a heron flying north northwest in vicinity of Spring Ridge.

These are glorious days, weatherwise. Every day is gloriouswise.

Res85cue engine, these are a few of the pathlings of the day. Good afternoon.


May is middle of the second quarter and brings us closer to half a year spent. First jewels of the Triple Crown. FOrtain. Budget. Metro, GO    Wolf and A Full moon, silhoutte by Harold and purple crayon, neat. Critical Meet. Silica Dust Masks.  Beauty of day: sun, breeze, light, temperature and friendship. Catkins. and kitdens.

Plant of the week: Korean Spice Viburnum.