The Door is A Jar

   First foot in the New Year. Come in! Take off your shoes. The first month, source of inspiration, is here! We have been busy mining, scrambling and divining the letters for the month.  The embellishment center is now stocked.

   In a perfectly simple world, January contains letters which form A JAR; January opens the door to a new year, ergo the door is ajar. Pausing at the threshold, travellers may look ahead to 2010. Prepare all you want and let it unfold. Supply hope in the form of plans; predict in the shape of action. Map it out. Marco Polo!

   Rediscover the art of polishing the ore of enthusiasm. Pandora has a box, Janus has a different container, earthen or glass. What’s in there? Choose your ingredients. Resolve to make them what you want. Do it!

    Coming across the phrase “the door is a jar” or “the door was ajar” can be the ticket to Smile City or a trip to Groansville. Hit the nail on the head. Why does it stand out?

   I think of the 1935 painting by Magritte, La Clef Des Songes (The Interpretation of Dreams) where the images do not match the writing under them, where things are not what they seem. Still, a rose by any other name, smells as sweet.

   Happy New Year. The best of 2009 was seeing the James Castle exhibit.


One thought on “The Door is A Jar

  1. I wondered what was happening in the world of Sizz. Now I know! Glad you’ve not left the Bloggersphere! Hurrah for new beginnings! Cheers!

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