Nifty Gifty

   One of the most charming gifts that was given to me at Christmas was a Munakuppi® Grow Kit. It was wrapped in deep blue metallic paper with silver images, topped with a silver bow and was accompanied by a Let It Snow treat bag, prepared by Lisa and her daughter Sabrina.

   Because today was a day for growth and it was a wintry afternoon, a friend and I decided to open up the grow kit and follow the directions for a perfect head of hair.

   Its pleasing package, a column of see-through plastic, unveils the figure. A happy fellow with a carrot nose comes with instruction book, seed packet and soil button. We untucked the tab and uncurled the card for these steps to follow:

   Place soil pellet ( size of a small horse tablet) in 1/6 cup warm water and let it sit about 5 min. ( We cheated and tried to use the metal 1/3 cup measuring cup. By the time the timer was set and we turned around, the absorption had nearly completed and in the measuring cup mounded a fluffy half cup of rich peaty soil.  We transferred it to a cup at once.

   Toss with a fork, and we did. The idea of tossing with a fork made us giggle and laugh.

   Grasping the little man firmly, we took care to spoon three-quarters of the dirt into his head – Dave Matthews, anyone?  – and cut open the square seed pack (0.5 grams) and placed the green seeds into the head of this man and covered that with the remaining soil, like putting his lid on.

   Wiped him off and now he sits on the sill above the sink, a sunny place where we can watch the progress of the grass growing over the next week. Some flurries swirled around outside and this was more icing on the cake. We had something sweet from the candy bag.

   see for a website sure to brighten your day and night!

   p.s. Thank you Lisa! Thank you Sabrina!


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