Yel Left Yel

   Pick of the litter: at 6:15 a.m. find sticky label on ground. P: YEL S: LEFT I: YEL from a nearby interior decorating business. The word LEFT catches my eye and by now you know the saying “Whatever catches the eye alters chi.”

   Damp raw; cloud cover. Conditions  unconducive to walking, go only a short way and reverse direction, honing in on home like a racing pigeon. Come across a lost and found item that is not a mitten, glove or hat.

   Last night began reading In Pursuit of Elegance,  by Matthew  E. May. He writes about “the value of what isn’t there” in the Prologue “The Missing Piece” and gives us the example of Jim Collins (Good to Great) to illustrate three vital aspects of living:

  • Establish what matters to you.
  • STOP DOING XYZ: identify and choose what not to do
  • Pursue with PROFIT, PASSION, PERFECTION in mind.  

   Discard what doesn’t fit.

   The book is published by and was available at the public library thanks to donated funds.


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