Fruity Air Freshener

    Thursday was a variable day in which some things went as planned and some escaped. That’s a good name for those things that are off the list: escaped, like escaped flowers or plants that leave the garden.

   There was a lovely heron on land by the pipeline warning sign. Surprisingly enough, it stayed put and did not startle and fly away. Its focus was on the hillside. Something was dripping from its bill, it looked like something you might want a tissue for, do birds get colds though? Must have been a bit of grass. It was a feathery bird, long draping plumes on its breast.

   Made no drawing today and that’s unusual. Pick of the litter would have been the plastic wrap from one of those tree-shaped air fresheners for vehicles, one that had a fruit basket drawing on it. That I failed to retrieve it haunted me all day so I may have to fetch tomorrow.


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