Star of Michaels’

   Milder weather has cleared the way! The path is snow- and ice-free. With springlike temperatures, three herons are out this morning  (that I can see).

   The first one surveys the water from an erect stance. It looks like a hook. Another has  posted itself on a small rock in the creek and stands preening. The third one I spot on the way back, near the red covered bridge, along the far bank. Is it ladies’ day on the trail? – all women, no men.

   Today’s magic square: a way of seeing a simple $1 star ornament purchased at Michaels at 30% off, no less.  Unfortunately, the scanner has had a month off and still isn’t back to work.

   My Aunt calls to check on me and see if I am alright. A call comes in from a craiglist contact about my bike. It’s time to say au revoir to the Paris Sport.


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