Noodle Plus

   What is the oldest recorded recipe in the world? (Today’s trivia). Sexual pleasure? Fire? Bread? Morning Star incense?

   Drive by a quiet heron “A” , roosting  near the T-intersection of  Tulpehocken and Broadcasting roads.  

   The word CURRENT is prominent.

  Air and surroundings: look like, feel like late March, early April.

   Note to self : varnish produce box.

   Ruth runs by. Ipod cord looping.  The Graves of the Rock Stars book I have at home enters my mind.

  Reminder: make chicken salad.

“Meals are the cornerstones of the day” It’s as if Supernanny Jo Frost were walking next to me.

    While I am hot on the trail, I allow my mind to wander home to the extra paint and the shelves in the garage. How to amek  make use of.

  Here is Tom. He runs east. I walk west. His trim, monochromatic head-to-toe black garbattire reminds me of a burglar. He wears white gloves, says he feels the same – it’s gotten a bit colder.

  Two slices of sawn tree trunk have been set aside near the overpass. One is upright like a donut and the other is stable, its circumference on the ground. 

   Ruth returns. I gesture re: ipod. ” The Cure. Psychedelic.” she says on the run. This makes me think I should do my puzzle in psychedelic colors and have an art show at a delicatessen and locate a psychiatrist.

   At the far end of the trail, point B, goose eggs at the base of a tree: golf balls fished out of the creek. Golf balls that travel from upstream courses. Eight of them, dimples dappled with clay and dirt stains, in the rough roots. One ball has a blue band. Another is a Titleist and the third has lettering on it Noodle +. Funny.

   I draw a pathling near the 10 marker and  the ice pattern near the nine marker interesting and what is that white bird in the water? An active discoloration in the water indicates a heron on a sycamore limb above me. Glad it was over the water.

   I  write “too many” Salieri! notes on my coffee cup.

 Heron “A” makes a ruckus, wings spread, lands on a rock surrounded by floating ducks. 

Once home. I make an affinity diagram  to sort it all out.  How long will this take? Who Are they Where Are they? Have they been interviewed? Write that down.


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