Surfing with Relish

   Smile, Davis! The sun is on vacation. Nevertheless, we walk. We walk same as the post office works, just about. We walk no matter what. The atomic clock (thank you Uncle and Pat!) thermometer reads 37° and it is a beautiful day.

   Fine fine fine fine fine mist begins at ten. Excessively fine. Nothing to dampen a confident stride. I feel like the full monty.

    Curb alert! Here comes a stranger in shorts. That’s the truth, that is no fiction. That’s Stuff White People Like. Shorts. Shorts and pea coats. Shorts and pea coats and bottled water. He’s one for three out of a hundred.

   As for the heron report: I Spy a heron keeping up appearances on little log tree near red bridge. I Spy a heron in the water at the pipeline. I Spy a heron that stands fishing downstream on small rock, looking like a figurine of itself. 

   The Discovery Channel:  I notice a fresh posted NOTICE of fishing gear swap February 24, sponsored by the Trout Unlimited chapter. The paper is very buff. I like it.

    Go Figure: I count seven cars in the upper parking lot and one disposable tooth flossing tool.

    Quick Pick-Me Ups: I land a kind of crumpled discarded Marlboro cigarette package on the metal bridge. I find a kind of  “Blue” Pall Mall cigarette package on the middle metal railing of the bridge. That’s two for two. The gaping green metal barrel accepts them as trash. No rubbish. Keep the bridges neat.

   Let it Be:  The apple core by the side of the road can stay.

   Returning to our regularly scheduled program already in progress: On my return trip, I Spy the Figurine Heron in same place, unless you factor in the rotation of the earth and the progress of the galaxy through space and time, still poised to fish downstream. I Spy the Keeping Up Appearances Heron in the little log tree.

   New to the show: A heron on toppled tree. Rock a bye baby Zoe! That makes six sightings, two of which are duplicates. Today is both a six day AND pedicure day. Hang ten with polish while web surfing with relish. 

    There are:  Two historic National Football League games on tap this afternoon Colts! and evening Vikings! Pre-historic. They are history in the making and will be making history. Peyton’s. Brett’s. Mark’s. Drew’s.

    Conference at my place: Feng shui, art, house and home work to do. Who doesn’t want a Smile To Go before they sleep?


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