To From

     How did this get here? When I leave the house this morning, I discover that a matte orange golf ball is nested in the eroded spot under the downspout. Aloha! Peering closer to the dimples I can see the lettering Callaway.  Something in the rain, on the roof or in the air?

    Pick of the litter: Valentines day candy cellophane with two hearts: TO and FROM.  My Valentine calls.

    Birdspotting: Heron with its head and neck extended up at Red Bridge. It flies off the debris island. Parts of its wings look green, as if the feathers are reflecting the water.

  The first leg of my journey suggests rain. I opt to continue. Second leg contains rain. It’s worth it: two herons fly downstream, above the channel of the creek.  a pair of herons is rarer than a single sighting.

   Third leg is mostly dark and partly rainy. At the upper end, a lone heron. The creek is mostly dark and partly muddy where the tributary, Plum creek meets the Tulpehocken. It has to have rained pretty hard and/or long for that to happen.

   Sunday’s rain and winds have cleared weak limbs and rotten tree parts from the canopy and, with help from gravity, left them on the ground like scattered garnish of the giants. When shall we meet again, in thunder lightning or in rain?On the way back the weather has settled into steadiness. Steady rain that comes to a halt. I am wetter than when I started out. Even members of the park crew notice I got caught.

  At home, I bring the trash can and recycling bin up the short driveway. The sight of the orange Callaway golf ball that mysteriously has appeared under the downspout greets me. Aloha.

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