Pecan Intervention

    Do I need a 12-step program? When I ask Adam what I should write about he says “The nuts on top of your bun.” What’s relevant about this? I am hooked on this sweet as part of my daily grind it has become a necessity rather than a luxury. As an anonymous artist and writer, I may need help.

   What’s funny about it is, near the balance beam parcourse station today, the grass is pockmarked with holes where the squirrels have extracted black walnuts. Now that the snow has melted, the dimples stand out fresh as divots.

   Back to the nuts:  An essential part of the male vocabulary, nuts are also vital to the anatomy of a good breakfast bun. Sweet! They are the icing on the icing, keeping the pastry from being too vanilla, too bland too dull. They ignite creativity, make it all happen!

   That fresh crunchy snap of pecan bits is just right for a crazy person like me to start the day. I always feel that not to bite into it would be a crime. I must have nuts on the brain.

   On the other hand, it may be a bad habit.  As an addict, I justify the craving by telling myself that it is one thing I can count on. The same old, same old makes the day regular. It lends stability to the otherwise unpredictable day.

    One of these days I should plan the day and let the breakfast be less predictable, but I have found that when I do not have the nuts on the bun or have something else unless my appetite has prompted otherwise, my day just doesn’t go as well. I find it difficult to recover.

   The actual Heron Report: Heron sunbathing, standing on one leg. Feathery and wary.

   Walked past the 9 marker. Made return trip with company. We talked about painting.

   Two of the park maintenance crew, Scott and Butch, carry saws and dangle long loops of metal across the bridge.

   “Oh! Chains” I say.

  “Those are some sharp chains you got there,” says R.

    “We have some cleaning up to do,” says Scott.

   So, while the weather has broken they plan to make bits and pieces of the woodwork. R plans to continue painting I plan to tend to some leather and a 10:30 appointment. Must deliver.


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