Food for Thought

   My goodness! It is no walk in the park this morning because at 4:55 when I get up it would be a walk in the dark and the cold dark at that. Check the digits: Twenty degrees. My ass! My cheeks!

   I’m pokey. I go for breakfast. Red heart-shaped wreaths watch over the store and Adam, the owner’s son. A white sign FOOD FOR THOUGHT, tucked in along side of the sweet gifts and Valentine’s Day cards, begs to be noticed.  Attention, please. 

  “Will you give me food if I give you a thought?” I ask Adam.

   “No,” he says.

  I think I will take this home with me.


2 thoughts on “Food for Thought

  1. Not sure where you live but here in Northern Ohio I’ve notice the sea gulls, who swarm over the river and parking lots, don’t leave any more in the Winter. Not sure when that happened but now they live here year ’round. Is that normal behaviour? (It’s 18 degrees F here)

  2. Have you ever visited the fair Commonwealth of Pennsylvania? This is where I live. Gulls flock here! They swarm over the shopping center – a mile from the creek – all winter, as you say. Every now and then one will be at the creek. I’m gullible. I think it is normal for them to seek seafood and free food. We inland or landlocked humans seek the shore, some gulls make mecca of the mountains. If I said they were here for the outlet shopping do you think that would be anthropomorphizing?

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