Buster Douglas and other Quarterbacks

   is what they’re talking about on ESPN Radio this morning. Buster black torso and terrible towel defeating Mike Tyson. The future of Philadelphia and who might be interested in Donovan McNabb. That and the resigned vs. re-signed controversy, an amusing quibble over pronunciation that is a recurring part of the Mike & Mike show.
   I take to the road that parallels the creek, on foot. Drivers are courteous and willing to share the salty ribbon. I stick to the edges. A heron flies up over the water, a female wood duck floats alone, rotating to look around. How do they eat?
   Lenape Indians were the early settlers here. The field high above the river must have been the resting place for many arrowheads now harvested and arranged in white people’s collections. “I shot an arrow…”
   What I like most about the walk today that is something new: the spots in the plowed-up piles of snow, some of the indentations or gaps look like nests and when you stand in them you get a feeling of security.
   At home: I have gutted the loft. A painter is here to transform the walls with new color. That would be me.


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