Black Ice Therapy


It's My Birthday

   Gush. A sunrise plume of red sky that makes me think “geyser” shows up where Mount Penn dips and meets Neversink mountain.  Soon after, the sky is thick and overcast with grey white and blue. The sun is hidden. Are we due for more snow?

    I am hoping to walk the whole trail. Even with the snowmobile tracks to follow, the first mile is somewhat laborious and, not that I mind the toil, the whole walk might end up being four hours. Studio time is also a priority. Hope yields to practicality.

     I reroute across red bridge to walk the road back. I find “It’s My Birthday” scrawled on the bridge by a child of July. I see a lilac purple towel lying along the road, outside the white line.  I pick up a decal with rubber backing: a “C”  in an X design with diamond shapes.

The Barn is Mute

    The end of the barn at half-mile rapids is pleasingly muted and mauve in this light. The broken window near the roof  peak is especially appealing.  Close by a mailbox is rigged: tied to the post with twine, knotted, and bungee cord, three wraps and hooked.  Amusements and interests: the shapes of snow on the limbs of trees, swimming ducks and other birds, one heron that skimmed the creek.

   Evidently a stripping of automobile air fresheners occurred recently. First, I find a BLACK ICE  Car-freshner ® and then a NEW CAR SCENT Car- freshner ® in royal blue. Black and blue: a bruised ego. What does black ice smell like? Neither one stays in my car for long, just long enough to get them home. The odors are too strong for my liking, but the tree? The tree form is classic.  I can always use that. Excellent for the magic square. Daily special!

    I am like a chef that goes to market to get ingredients for a dish. When I begin the day, what will be featured is a surprise. Never know until you get there what you’re going to make. Cognito Ergo Sum. I go crazy just thinking about it.

Go Crazy Just Thinking About It

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