Can Full of Chemicals

   National Battery Day is here! Time to meditate on people-as-batteries. You are a battery, too. Just as battery has two letter tees in it, there are two things to remember about batteries. 

  1: Keep your batteries fresh. Stay with the charge. If you run down, they run down; if they are run down that means you are run down. Replenish the energy supply. Do not let it drain. It is normal to have on hand a stock of batteries you are least likely to use because the ones you use are in use.

  2: Keep them moving on: to the hazardous materials collection point nearest you. Batteries with heavy metals do not belong in landfills. Save your batteries for proper disposal at intervals throughout the year. What businesses and municipal offices have links and stations for drop off?

   Rest, eat well, work hard, play hard, exercise and keep to the positive side.  Battery equals energy. Negative is terminal. You are a living breathing battery, what Wikipedia calls “an arrangement of electrochemical cells for electricity storage.” Like a battery, you have capacity to link with other people, other things and contribute your own energy and power. Recharge! Empower thy cell!


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