Let’s Get Focused


   Do you feel especially rewarded by a film worth watching just for the opening titles? The Flower of my Secret has this quality. This work, written and directed  by – dare I say the incomparable – Pedro Almódovar introduces itself with beautiful moving collage and montages, and launches right into a colorful story of pain and life, among others. It delivers a Master painting in many small frames unfolding in time to please.

   Some of the interior gems are the flamenco sketch, “Crabface” and Mother scenes, and the Village. I hope this is cryptic enough. I would not want to spoil the surprise for people who have yet to see the film (in Spanish with English subtitles), even though it is from the year 2000! This I share: my personal “take”: my notes, each one a long stemmed rose which I should arrange in a vase like a bouquet.

   Titles Fantasticos!

   A list of feeling and emotions; Feelings, pain and anger. Pain and life.

  El Pais, in the pressroom:

 ANGEL: I love it! It’s like the heart and arteries!

set props: (sketch of a vase flanked by two batman/ bat woman figures)

LEO: I don’t want to write against. I have enough negative things in my life.

set decoration: vintage floral fabrics, framed set of four

LEO: Children take your life away; Novels give you illusion to live.

[try reversing that]


ALICIA, the book editor: Reality should be banned.

THE PUBLISHER: Let’s get focused.


   I used a vintage card with a flower and superimposed it on a sudoku form for today’s magic square. The card was signed inside by EDNA. I like the way she signed her name. I brought the inside writing to the front, to preserve and pass along the sentiment: Best Wishes for Every Happiness and for dreams that have a way of always coming true.

                                                                                                               ALLISON (Snail lo!)


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