The Inner Scoreboard

   National Tortilla Chip Day is today. I go shopping, but not for chips. First, I need a priority mail box for a shipment. Second, I must have a tangerine to make sure to get the color right for my Art of Jazz show entry.

   I get the box about the same time Colin Cowherd is airing his thoughts on how each person needs to be their own guide as to what’s best:  THE INNER SCOREBOARD, he calls it. You know how you’re doing. Don’t look at what anyone else is doing, focus on your own, focus on your own. You wouldn’t think on an ordinary day that Colin Cowherd, ESPN Radio would have anything in common with Jane Austen, but he does and they do. She has written: We have all a better guide in ourselves, if we would attend to it, than any other person can be.

   One store was too busy in the parking lot to even consider. The Redner’s was busy mid-morning.  I needed a tangerine, milk and cat food.

   Tangerine picking was easy, milk grab simple, cat food cornering quick. Add one impulse buy: mini-manicure set to add to my niece’s birthday shipment so she has sixteen gifts to open. Someone has written Truth on the side of the trash can top outside the entrance. Is it the stroke of a genius, or of one possessed, or of a genius, possessed?

   In between these two grocery stops, I was “please take a number”  62 at Adelphia Seafood. a lady in front of me hands three containers of frozen soup to the clerk.

   “For after shoveling snow!” says the customer. The customer tells me she is preparing for snow, but hopes we do not get the big storm 

 MARCH 7 because that’s her birthday

and her son is taking her out for steak. Snow often comes with her birthday. It snowed about the time she was born, she says, and the hospital wanted to keep her when it was time for her mother to go home, because of the snow.

   “I’m the youngest of ten children,” the customer says. “My mother told the hospital, ‘I have nine children at home to take care of!’ and brought me home with her in the snow.”


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