27 Cents Change

   Dateline: March 9, 2010. Today is a nine day and a favorable time to regard your reputation, your fame, your raison d’être. Now is the time to shine.

   It is also a “Nice day for a walk!” as Butch says to me at the park. He drives a white park truck with black logo, on his way out to perform some task. I am finished walking at 7:45 and on my way to the grocery before settling down to work.

  Add to shopping basket: an apple, a pistachio muffin, two cans cat food for barn cats, two for the housebound cats and two bags of carrots for Brumby and me.

   An apple a day is essential. I also get a dozen eggs.

    The opportunity cost of  a generic i.e., store, brand plastic wrap is $1.49, a savings of  40¢ compared to the national brand.  All told, the cost of these items totals $9.73. The change? Twenty-seven cents. Could not have worked out any better.  

   A heron may still be fishing near the red covered bridge. He was sitting there after seven, head tucked, neck hidden, looking patient. There was a kind of regal air about this, I would have to call him Esquire.

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