Hit by Cupid’s Arrow!

   The coast is clear and it is safe to come out now. Four mile walk today to the 10 marker. It is a “ten” day. It is also the tenth anniversary of Dosie Dough bakery in Wyomissing, for which I received a free small coffee (or that amount put toward the purchase price of a larger cup) and a piece of white cake. My slice has an exclamation point on it. I plan to share it with a coworker this afternoon. Happy 10th! Happy 10th!

   Walk, good. Knee, better. Sightseeing: embedded Rolling Rock bottle cap, pair of cardinals and a heron in semi-pennant pose near the fisherman’s pull off  area by the overpass. Mostly runners and joggers.

   The World’s Cleanest Grocery store did not have a whole fish, so I plan to go to Adelphia today. Need to do Japanese printing with them.  At home, fished a fast food restaurant bag out of a tree and picked up some litter that has been blown into the garden. The last one I fished out was from the love and relationship corner of the plot. The caption on the newsprint reads: Hit by Cupid’s Arrow. Sweet!


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