Wild Thunder

   Things dropping out of the sky today

  •  a pair of grey cotton gloves with red edging at the wrist. A yellow bottle cap with lot numbers written inside.
  •     A rotten branch, split into parts, some of which have come to rest on the creek side of the trail, on the grass, and some on the other side, away from the water, on the grass. The piece near the creek has a woodpecker hole in it, nice and round, bigger than a silver dollar.
  •  A folded, grungy snack sack, a bag that was used to hold Lance Thunder Wild something-or-other chips is on the path on my way back.

    No herons to report, although ESPN Radio mentioned a Luke Heron? 

    The Vibe of the Day from Adam at Dosie Dough is: “Nice day. People will be chomping at the bit to finish work and get done for the weekend.”

   This harmonizes with the sunny yellow and forsythia colors in the bakery. Meg, for example, was wearing yellow at 6:15 this morning, when it was still dark outside. She said she’s been ready for the weekend since Tuesday.

   Next we answer: Where Did You GO? We also have a guest writer coming up.


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