The Heroin Report and My Project Runway

  Yesterday the Teen Challenge center stationed a kiosk in front of the Boyer’s supermarket in Womelsdorf, Pennsylvania. The men minding the booth displayed both restraint in speech and an array of pamphlets. When I exited the grocery store, I spoke first.

   What’s up?

   Teen Challenge. Are you struggling?

   Yes I am struggling to be an artist is what I am struggling with. The red Heroin pamphlet appeals to me because there is no I in Heron. 

      This morning one heron stands on the partially submerged bank of the creek, near the picnic bend. The Great Blue has its neck in a gentle arc, like a cedilla. The water is high, but less high than the previous two days that are over with and done. My walk stops at the 9 marker and laps back, past the plucked grape hyacinth, along a quiet stretch to help me relax my thoughts. The heron stands even stiller and has retracted its neck all the way in.

   Near the mill-dam is a spectacular star magnolia, its flowers beginning to peak. Someone has picked one and left it on the path. The dew softens the curves of the petals and it looks like an imitation of itself, the kind of fabric blossom you might find pinned to a dress in a clothing boutique. This is my project runway.


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