The Importance of Being Urgent

   Do you resist the call to action from without? Do you only pay attention to your own urgencies? Good. No! This is not good. A number of tips:

Always trust your own instincts.

Listen to other people.

Don’t do what I say.

Find the hidden agenda.

Keep your focus.

Be willing to suspend your urgency. Under what circumstances will you suspend or relax your transactions in favor of or in consideration of others?

The greatest win-win is when your urgency couples with another (group or individual) urgency and a meeting of the needs takes place. Isn’t it also a win when you can manage to satisfy your own pressing problems? Fellow at auction says Women don’t iron any more.

Respond when you are ready. Respond when you are asked. Respond on command. Respond on principle. Respond is a horse feed. Respond after pondering about things (res), respond off the cuff. Respond on time. Respond positively, respond positively negatively. Respond without bias.  What is the translation of R.s.v.p.? I ask. Please respond at once! I need to go practice what I preach and test whether the iron works. I’m on strike because we are supposed to strike while the iron is hot.


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