Heron Nest



    A smallish heron skims two feet above the creek as I drive along Tulpehocken road, we travel parallel. I park, I take pictures. I cross the mill dam bridge.

    When I walk around the inside bend across from the Tulley turtle sculpture, a branch drops from a tree, startling a heron. A raucous squawk rings out. Two herons take turns circling above. It is a quiet day on the trail except for them; the sunny weekend is over and most people and their families are back to work and school.

   I take pictures of pathlings and edit some photos from Gettysburg as I walk. Rick and his summer helper, Russell, a retiree, get set to work at the Heritage Center area. Beyond the barn is an interesting assemblage of cones, barrels and barricades enclosing the sinkholes. 

   Where are the little foxes? Have yet to see them. When I return to the mill area, a squirrel poses, nut in mouth. I see a heron high above the water in a sycamore tree. It’s talking. A second heron holds a branch in its beak, standing on the same bough. Are they building a nest? It looks like a construction site to me. and the birds consult each other.


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