Blinking Lights

      One of my favorite CD’s is the Eels’ Blinking Lights, but I haven’t listened to it for a year. Not far from where I write, the state and/or the township has installed three-way stop signs at a bend in State Hill road, which seems to make the intersection even more awkward and more dangerous. Yesterday I noticed counter strips across the road which make me wonder if a traffic light is being considered. Maybe just a yellow caution for the main road and a red for the intersecting but what do I know about traffic control?

   The intersection has historical meaning because the magnificent brick mansion (where the antique iron fence is being obliterated with increasing frequency by drivers who fail to maintain reasonable speed and correct course) was the home of our sixth grade teacher, Mrs. Fegley, and the farm across the street is where we picked out our dog, Tawny, when my brother came home from school and reported to my parents there were puppies needing homes. Forever do I view the intersection through this lens.


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