Ginger Carrot Soup

   Fresh ginger whirls in the food processor at the bakery this morning.
   “Can you smell it?” asks Marsha Baron, the owner, with an enormous grin.
   “What are you making?” I ask.
   “Carrot ginger soup,” she says.
   Meg, fixing something toasted for a customer at the back counter,  gives a thumbs up, an endorsement of the highest order.
Sounds good to me.

   I walked a long time this morning and the report shall follow. When I arrived home there was a carrot-ginger colored note folded into the knob on the front screen door. The note indicates the water company person called while I was out, hoping to gain access to the home in order to turn the water off. The box next to Other: Must call to set up payment ASAP.

 I double-check my checkbook which was AWOL for a week. I sent them a check last week. In the meantime, for readers who live far away from Pennsylvania, many carrot ginger soup recipes are available on the web, such as:

   Some of the recipes call for chicken stock, or half and half or soy. Many of them call for water, if for nothing else but to cook the carrots. I better get on the schtick.


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