Green and Crafty

   Saturday night, after we had gone for a stroll at French Creek State Park, my friend, Miss Janet M. Miller and I had the chance to share food, entertainment, and a little more of our time. Janet split one of her plates of spaghetti with me and I brought a couple of DVD’s from the Reading Public Library.

    We picked Simple Steps to a Greener Home, from Gaiam. We learned about sisal and hemp, Ingeo pillows and new things made from old, discardable objects, turning them into highly artistic and useful objects such as flooring, furniture and counter-tops. The narrator and presenter, Danny Seo has an abundance of enthusiasm for his topic. We especially enjoyed the trip to the Brooklyn’s IceStone® and to Marcal the paper from paper place. We were glad to know about microfiber cleaning supplies.

   Sunday night, Janet and I spoke by telephone, each to say how much we enjoyed the evening. I told her I was watching the other video, the one on Craft in America from PBS television.

   “Saturday you learned to be green, says Janet. “Now you can be crafty!”


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