Flea Market Junkie: Flea Flicker


Dollar table


   Rain in the forecast scattered dealers and buyers at the flea market. Beige stars on a chestnut plant stand momentarily attracted me. My fancy fled. Eight dollars was over budget. I can Do It Myself.     

   My haul includes a sad looking six-ounce juniper berry gin bottle from Louisville, Kentucky labeled “Under the Food and Drugs Act June 30 1906 Serial No. 5032” – quite some time before John Cheever penned The Sorrows of Gin.  That set me back a two dimes and a nickel.      

  “Everything twenty-five cents,” said a seller at another space. “Twenty-five cents.”     

   She said it with effectiveness. Her tone was impeccable and her volume just right. She had the perfect pitch, not that she was Strasburg or anything.     

   I looked at her wares, departed $1.50 poorer, and richer in inventory. The six items include:     

  • Two matching – but different – memory flower pots with attached saucers
  • Three books – feng shui, carpentry projects – for the list of glues – and a children’s word book for the pictures.
  • One PY-O-MY Baking Mixes square baking pan.

  Between those two stops I obtained an ornately-knobbed desk drawer ($0.50) from a dealer who dealt from the west side of the aisle.     

   Trash barrel scanning yielded a huge framed African Art poster. The black and white print is hand-colored in felt tip markers. I am itching to make Artist Trading Cards.     

    Today is a nine day and began at the Cloud Nine cafe. Nine big clouds cover the sky now. Their edges are so blurred together you can’t tell them apart.


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