Very Beautiful Cherry Wood Cabinets

  The title, above, is an example of a flying snippet – the words of others that waft and wend to third-party ears. It is the auditory equivalent of second-hand smoke, without the unpleasant side-effects although it does carry some risk.  

   Along with the chance to hear something good in the warp and woof of conversation, the risk of getting too much information or information one regrets having heard exists. Don’t want to get caught in that fabric.

   How much control do we have over flying snippets? Some, just as we may choose to focus on one thing or another and bar all distractions.

    The full text of the snippet was “Very beautiful cherry wood cabinets in the kitchen” spoken by one man to another, in what seemed to be a discussion on the run – literally – about a piece of real estate. 

   At the beginning of my walk, a heron was fishing upstream from below and downstream of the mill-dam bridge as a man cast his bait downstream from the bridge itself.

   Tiny, authentic, wild cherry fruit has been dropping here and there on the path for weeks. The black raspberries .)have begun to ripen (I ate a few yesterday.) In the interim, the marathoners of Sunday have left the tear strips for Blueberry Pomegranate, Just Plain, and Jet Blackberry fuel drinks. The lowly blackberry has never been so in vogue since the debut of the popular handheld device.

   Do we choose our snippets or do they choose us?

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