A Trip to Hollywood


Brumbykin on turf, Jose Bear up


   Stuffed Brumby and I went to Hollywood Casino at Penn National Race Course this morning to get on the right track. Unfortunately, we arrived after 11:00 a.m., which is thirty minutes too late for Thursday night racing entries. We had so hoped to see the name BRUMBYKIN on the overnight sheets.   

   We wanted to enter the sixth race, for three year olds and upward which have not won a race since December 17. A nice man behind the counter invited us to return tomorrow after 10:00 to see Director of Racing Rob Marella.   

     We had our papers ready. Horse I.D. was right next door to check his tattoo.   

    In the area in front of the racing office, an observant gentleman asked if we need a rider. Yes indeed. The gentlemen introduced himself as Arnold Iliescu. Mr. Iliescu had just returned from Charles Town, he said. Mr Iliescu, jockey agent, is the foremost jockey emeritus at the Grantville, Pennsylvania oval.   

    An innocent bystander found fault with the way Stuffed Brumby was made.   

   “His conformation leaves something to be desired,” he said. “Look at how his toes turn in.”   

   “Better to toe in than toe out,” I said, setting Stuffed Brumby on the clean linoleum floor with all legs standing square under him. “He stands good in the gate.”


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