Take Two Hammer Heads

  •    TAKE TWO: Morning perambulations restart at 11:00 due to rain delay. A yellow flicker flits.
  •    DOUBLE-TAKE: I catch sight of a woman, short in stature, running toward me, holding a bag. The bag is a white plastic grocery bag. I cannot see what is in it. I can see some of the writing on her tan baseball cap: “[something something] Folk Art.”  The rest of her clothing is casual wear, not runners’ wear.
  •    TAKE TWO AND CALL ME IN THE MORNING: Soon thereafter and several hundred yards up the path, I find two flat hammer heads. They are the tear-off tops of energy drinks. They are both heads up. On the tails side is printed Rapid Energy. They make Pick of the Litter. The foil lining makes them double cephalofoils.
  •    TAKE ME TO YOUR LEADER: A heron stands between these two points of interest. It is based upon a rock in the edge of the water, looking like a wood carving, such as those made of shore birds like sandpipers, although it looks nothing like a sandpiper.
  •    TAKE HOME: Other take-homes from the path are question mark designed gum wrappers and an odd note written on Hampton Inn  Thought Pad stationery. Deciphering its meaning may take a while, as the sampling shows:
  1. Weight belts.
  2.  Stuffed swtshirt.
  3.  Space in teeth.
  4. ego
  •    TAKE-HOME PAY:  I visit Michael’s on the way home, to purchase a Bristol board tablet. A yellow price sticker that reads $3.00 is stuck to the surface of the parking lot. I peel it off and pick it up.
  •    MISTAKES: News that orange minidresses and ambush marketing caused a stir in South Africa reaches here. That’s brilliant. How come we can send people to the moon but we can’t solve the BP disaster? It’s enough to make you want to hammer your head against the wall.

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