The Paucity Department reports no heron sightings this morning. Columns of oscillating midges have joined the Department of Abundance. The gnatty bugs make good fish food when they hover over the creek.

    Pick of the Litter announces “Pollo” is the find and word of the day. The Spanish word for chicken turned up this morning, written in blue ballpoint pen on a triangular shard from the lid of a small styrofoam carry-out container.

    Does the cursive writing indicate a meal or the purchase of bait? I walk to the nine marker. I walk back. I remove the keys from my pocket. The Pollo fragment is missing. I look around. There’s plenty more where that came from.

   I find a less complete piece. I can read “biste”–  on it – beefsteak. I find the other one close by. I’m afraid it’s time to get to work and flex some mental muscle.


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