Giorgio Fresh Z-23

   Relationships, the number two and colors of rosy red and pink rule the day, a “two” day on this Father’s Day 2010. Uncanny how it works, sometimes, that Pick of the Litter is a pinkish inch by two-inch slip of paper I find at the park. The rectangular note is for a Giorgio product inspected by Z-23. Might it have been for mushrooms?

   The three H’s – hazy, hot and humid –  infuse the morning air. A fourth, heronless, is imminent until two herons fly above the picnic bend area near the red covered bridge. They sound first, causing me to look up. The sound is a happy one, not the typical croak or squawk of alarm or vexation at having been disturbed.

    One lands on a bough above the creek, where I can see it from over my right shoulder. When you spill salt, over which shoulder are you supposed to toss it for good luck?


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