Flea Market Junkie: Whatsoever Things Are True


Vintage Rainbow by Allison Huyett


       A stream of people flows at the flea market today. They come, ebb and go. One woman has a shock of cobalt blue hair on her strawberry blond head. Many delightful outfits, vintage curiosities and an old man with a candy cane cane.    

   Two dealers trade repartee using words that rhyme with sue, you, and new, while another dealer duels by himself with two of the swords or daggers among his wares.    

   One Great Dish: A piece of Shenango china ornamented with a crest and wavy banner written with four words: Whatsoever Things Are True. That was it, simple and white with design in blue.    

    Who ordered Philippians 4:8 on their china?    The spaces and tables of the vendors allow people to mingle and pool around many wares. Some are more marketable than others. I feel like I am in an eddy and that we will all disperse.   

    The rest of the verse  – read and researched:    

   Whatsoever things are true,    

   Whatsoever things are honest    

   Whatsoever things are just    

   Whatsoever things are pure    

   Whatsoever things are lovely,    

   Whatsoever things are of good report;    

   If there be any virtue;    

   And if there be any praise,    

   Think on these things. 


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