Three Herons on the Fourth


The Flag is Up


   All heron sightings are at elevations above the creek and all three herons make audible calls.  

   A map would show a heron flying from above the creek near the mill, over the tree crowns, to roost in a tree by the side of a marshy pond. It begins to preen and scratch its head with its foot, like a horse does.  

   The second heron is by the locks at the 11 post, carrrying on in the sycamore tree. Two  friends who are riding bicycles tell me the colony that nested along Prendergast road was broken up when people cut down the trees.  

   The third heron is in the middle mile, standing on one leg on a branch that is above the creek. It looks like a stork drawing from the Netherlands or Holland. Its height is about two and a half stories, so, if it were in the city of Reading, it would be on top of the roof covering a two-story row home with an attic.  

   When I arrived at the park, the spot where I intended to park was available, with two cars flanking the space, left and right of the designated lines. Today is a four-day for wealth, with undertones of health, balance and symmetry.


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