Streamline R by Allison Huyett


    The winner of  Pick of the Litter is a card for holding a button and it reads Streamline® across the top. Today the batter walks.  

   A fisherman baits his hook on the bridge. We say good morning to each other. I find a clear plastic disc with a purple flower design and  pick up a piece of fishing line that belongs in the trash can.   

    A heron zips above the creek at picnic bend, waving the black points on its wing tips. What is a heron’s wingspan?  

    Near the red bridge, large bird alights on a bough. It folds its wings. Is it an eagle? It is a quiet heron.  

    Along the grassy margin of the trail, a baby robin hops, an exercise to improve its skill at balancing while moving forward. The fledgling half tumbles, half  hops down a grassy bank. and stays on its feet.   

    On the way back I pick up a flimsy plastic water bottle that has been twisted below the label – someone screwed the bottom clockwise like a candy wrapper. It is interesting how pent-up energy can be directed.  

   On ESPN Radio, the conversation is a tribute to baseball’s Bob Sheppard, who died Sunday.   

   We hear sound bites from his career: the introduction of Derek Jeter, and the elements of his style: “Clear, concise and correct.”  

   Somewhere along the line he must have had Strunk and White in his trunk. I pop the water bottle into mine and come home.


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