Power on the Grid, Power on the Grid


      Due to the extreme heat wave that is currently going on, we have reduced our store lighting in order to conserve power on the grid.


    * This is the text of a sign (black type on white copy paper) taped on the entrance doors at Redner’s Warehouse Market in Wyomissing, Pennsylvania.  The directive is corporate. Stores have been given the power to generate their own signs. Two other Redner’s stores within a seven-mile radius have posted variations on the theme. This one is the best.

   The conservation of energy as a July Special! This is a thoughtful gift from the grocery, in case you were thinking it too dim.

    How long does a case of economic altruism last? Take your electricity seriously. The case contains four sets of three bottles to break on the bow of stewardship: Life, Energy and the Pursuit of Happiness. Happiness is a choice. Choose life.

   Power to the people who help put food on the table. Eat! Eat! Drink up! There is order in the store. The only light on at my house right now is the fan.


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