Water Division

   The WATER DIVISION panel truck swings around a parking lot. Whose water division is unclear, but it’s a Water Division and the truck is white. 

   Water in the creek is turgid, swollen and rushing, making it a challenge for the herons to feed themselves. No wading in the Tulpehocken today! 

The Rush of Water


    On the walking trail, the storms have left remnants in the natural forms and shapes of rotten tree parts, precocious pods and bracts of locust leaves. The latter makes a great thinking tool or springboard for fresh ideas. 

Day after Locust leaves


   When I have nearly reached my starting position, if not my wit’s end, a heron stands on the concrete wall of the mill race, which functions alternatively as a kind of spillway, allowing leakage from the creek as it flows on its way to the creek. A diminutive stream is both more negotiable and apt to pay a dividend in terms of productive fishing, at present. 

Heron at Mill Race


   It looks like a young heron and after a few pictures it is inevitable the bird will fly off – over the bridge and to the edge of the seam between land and water, on the rocks. Branches provide partial concealment as it looks for game fish, looking so perfect. 

    One into H2O is the formula for water division. 

  * link to USGS data for this week, today is peak 



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