Light in August


The Die is Cast

     The perceptible shift in the light at the end of July extends into August, the dignified month, the robust month. The insect noises set in and change. Their intensity increases. Gold showers and gold flowers now. Get your notebooks and pens, your bushel and a peck baskets ready to reap the rewards of learning and harvest the year’s crops.

   Due to hundreds-fold increase in the trail traffic at the park, as another run for a cause takes place, there is no walking for herons as yet. Substitution: a picture puzzle featuring a heron family relative. It is Tidal Pool, by John Dawson, number 893, from the ™ Great American Puzzle Factory.

    Time for chores, changing the sheets, making the bed and folding laundry (the tee shirts that came out of the dryer two days ago). Time to reflect on the year so far, the five months remaining, the moment this minute, when the air hangs with the substance of rain and a Sunday mower cuts the grass for the commercial buildings outside the front window of the house where I live.

   Some strange instinct prompted setting up the jigsaw puzzle in the living room – something to work on piece by piece. You may study the process: the preparation of the surface (a clean table), the task ahead, sorting and piecing together to the end result.

Brumbykin Waiting by Table

  To overturn the box and let all the pieces loose on the table,  is to see the hand you are dealt at birth. The individual finite bits are all fresh and ready to go  – cut and dried – like a field of wheat.

So Many Pieces - the Harvest

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