National Feather Day

   Three herons per mile in the first mile this morning and two fisherman per mile in the second. The herons fish from rapids in the middle of the creek various points. They stand still, they are active and moving, too. Mosquitos are biting and so are the fish.

  I see two herons on the wing and one lonely looking Canada goose with a broken wing.  Find feathers as follows: one woodpecker feather, black and white; one Blue Jay feather, black and blue and white; one grey feather of undetermined origin; and one pigeon feather. light grey. National Feather Day – put one in your cap; put one in someone else’s cap.

   The numeral four is ground into the gravel from Sunday’s run near the 10 marker. A torn piece of the domestic Richfood All Purpose Flour bag is found under the red bridge, the medium used for creation of the directional arrows and mile marking numbers. 

   Set of four leaves, three together one apart. It’s a four day. Rich is the word. We are all rich. Thank you for this day and everything it holds. Thank you, thank you, thank you.


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