What’s in a Number?

   Humid and dull today and time to sharpen up! People on the trail at seven or so. Two women in SWEAT PANTS and one of those with a long-sleeved zippered fleece jacket. They say “Are you Nuts? I’m Psychotic.”

   Pick of the litter: folded pink and blue lined paper, torn from a notebook: two digits short of a full telephone number. Six one zero, six one eight, blank space.  Hesitation, a rewrite: a 9 over a 5. 53 or 93. Who wrote this and why? We are born to solve problems, ask questions, keep quiet. This is my day and I need to figure out what to do with it, is what I read into this paper. Its two flat sides and three folds are interesting. How do I decide which to display? What do people want to see?

   Two feathers: one plain and one black and white spotted woodpecker feather. Seems like this week the birds are either moulting or losing it.

   A heron was wading in the water when I drove along the creek. I could feel the vehemence in a speeding SUV bearing down on me from behind. Who wants a speeding ticket? Who wants to get run over?


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