Happiness Visible

   If you said “Open Sesame” before the door you selected in life, what would you hope to find behind it? The Lady or the Tiger, a Liger, the Superior Man? Would it be the door to travel in the Greek isles, or the emergency exit chute?  Something else – what would you pick? All this from dancing angels on the head of a pin! An open safety-pin lay on the path this morning. What will it be?

   One heron gets some shut-eye on top of toppled tree, which makes me think of Angel Penna’s barn and the filly Top Twig. This takes me out of the moment and to a place other than here and to a time other than now and we banish the thought. Perish the thought!

   How Belmont Avenue and the Wyomissing Institute could get me to Belmont Park, I don’t know. What is the connection between horses and art? Horses are beautiful. Horses work.

   Etching in the screenings on the trail today form a brief happiness visible:  CJ (heart) I. The big eye in the sky can see it and so can I.  Open-eye sesame. What is in the world today, going on, over and out.


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