Do Nothing

      Just do nothing. Be very Zen. Leave things undone, left out, unfinished. Concentrate on the most important. To learn of Barnes and Noble’s putting their little store up for sale reminds me of the pleasures of books (including ones on English grammar and split infinitives), of browsing, of companionship.

    Can you hold a laptop in bed to read? A good read has calming, restorative effects. Can you sow the seeds of lifelong love of reading by sitting next to a child to read a bedtime story from a telephone browser window? I suppose. How do you turn the page – one stroke of a finger, a click? Would people be able to turn over a new leaf? Is there any reason to turn over a new leaf? Turning over an existing leaf indicates a storm brewing. These thoughts and more go through my head and that is only the tip of the iceberg this morning as I clean the living room, go fill out a part-time job application and straighten up the studio. We learn from books, from others and by doing, or not. I know nothing.

    Books, the reading of them, the giving of them, the recommending of them has been one of the ways my family has shown, shared and shaped love. I often wish there had been more smiles, more giving of hugs, more building foundations of self-confidence that were independent of achievement. A family always has to leave something for you to do for yourself, don’t they? From the barest minimum investment: BMI: “Isn’t it enough to give you life?” to the Maximum Business Advantage: MBA : Each generation shall improve on the previous, have better do better, be more.”  These are extremes of course and we live and grow and work and love and are born and die in the middle wanting to be good, doing the best we can, striving to improve and needing to love and be loved.  That’s nothing.

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