More M’s, Please


yes belt by allison huyett


   If you were to follow the lead of Minnesota Mining & Manufacturing trading as 3M, and one-up them as much as one can one-up an entire company on the New York Stock Exchange, what four M’s would you choose to use? Our Feng shui forecast for today selected Money, Materials, Magnificence, Magnanimity.   

   We want to include Mastery, too. Maybe even defending Manny Ramirez: mein mine shaft comforts thee. Oh hell! Why limit the number at all:  just make it pi M’s, infinite M’s. Who needs boundaries?    

   Few pleasures compare to feeling at play in the store of alphabets. You may put your fingertips on the combination lock on a trunk full of words and spin. A set of numbers equals instant access; the treasure chest is open wide. Seeing all the possibilities, you may suddenly find a need to economize. To be selective is the greater part of wisdom. Take ownership of the mother lode and steer the ship sternly.   

   You could downsize and go to two M’s, like M & M candy, or be content with three: More and Moore, More and More; Moor, Moore and Moore. Mouse and Man. Of Mice and Men. Mixed and Martial. Montana and Mozambique. Map and Molecule. Mozart and Moliere. Mystery, Magic and the Mundane. Mocha Java, Molasses and Mustard. Mensch, Maven and Modernity. Three on a match? Not for the superstitious.   

   One M makes more sense. Very majestic, your Majesty. How magisterial, Minister! Exclamation points all around. Mother knows best.


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