Bees Have Five Eyes, but Canceled may have Two L’s

      Running around this morning getting things together for a birthday party. Wyomissing High School has a flea market sign with CANCELED on it. Is that spelled right? 

    I fetch some Key lime desserts from Butler’s Pantry (yum) and a mylar birthday balloon from the Dollar Tree (style #8 in that store). An insurance company’s letter board contains two facts, one per travelling direction (don’t look back). What is visible to westbound traffic is :

                  BEES  HAVE FIVE EYES

   This is interesting. This is as interesting as learning giraffes have no vocal chords, a fact which remains even after the lettering telling us that giraffes have no vocal chords has been cleared to make room for bee information. Animals and beings have so many things in pairs, here is an odd number.

   All the while I’m wondering about the spelling of “cancelled,” which is how I spell it. Well, Wyomissing the district, as it is located in the United States, has spelled it correctly for this side of the pond. It is my odd little penchant for spelling a select few words the British way that has led me to think there was only one way to do it. Now I see. Five eyes! Wow. Plus a sixth sense of sensibility.

P.S. The water was high in the creek and the herons were wading up to their hocks or sitting on the sidelines.


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