Wander Lust

   Multiple herons after overnight rain accounting as fellows, tending on underwater silt bar to fish one rapid that resembles what we call a  mackerel sky.

    Strutting along the south shoreline,



 and neck stretched out, flying like tool.

   find  following;  piece of candy, round and soft, w ith  unhurt sunburst design round  central P; and an utter quarter!

   A t the World’s  cleaner than clean grocery store, where another pack of cinnamon ABC cookies to make memo to fAX to the office, (keep it Simple) I BOUGHT,

  TO REIT THE LUR OF THE lre pumpkincode 888.  i put my rm round it to ee if it i over 50 lb, the minimum estimated eight, Ron, THE ONE  run the trail in the morning, emerged ith hi purchase of  jr of hrvrd beet, hich hi ife ked him to pick up on hi y back from olvin printer problem.

   i m reined to working  in private industry. my mother ly id ‘o out nd ply.’ hdoe tht turn into ork. ply in your livelihood.


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