uncle phil y he mie reding bout ome of the thing i find – pthling, pick of the litter nd htknot. tody i m   uul very lo like  nil or tortoie or lo movingvehicle, to tell the truth there hve not been mny item for pick of the litter or ele hve been cught up in other tk hich took priority nd borroed my focu. over the eekend in front of dulle irpor   tulip ticker on the pvement hich i did not pick up. there re mny thing here t home to pick up. i  reding in louie hy bout diee nd the teeth repreent our deciion. in one or nother ogniing or pper mngement tht ech piece of pper repreent  deciion, tht tbling  pper i no y to del ith it. pper cr h mde deciion to m retin proce, ue, file, ort, leve unorted vriou ie nd type of pper o ho re thee thing relted/


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