Plane Sycamore

  mist rising from creek in 30° weather. heron wading near bank, mechanical-looking, neck like a lever. Whole channel looks like steam rising from pots on stove. Kingfisher chattering from bare branched sapling on water’s edge. Head east to three marker. Isolated patch of large leaves impaled on a stick in the stream so it looks like a stack of truffles or a dress of ruffles, a log limb landed and stranded on a series of stones in the water. Stud heron stands in the current close to near edge of creek, hardboiled egg-head and a stout, muscled neck, black and white accents and even, grey body, smooth.

   Sun summoning the world, a light-brown to fawn colored heron wades and fishes near the iron and wood bridge. I am trying to discern the difference among the outlines of the sycamore tree leaves that blunt the path. Enormous lobes, some have serrated edges, some entire, and some irregular serrated, and I remind myself to research the plane and the sycamore. I look up and cannot tell which leaf came from which tree.

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