Alpha Lima India

   There are 49 days left in the year on November 13.

   Today examine the numbers 2,4 3 and 243.

   When I got back from the barn after sunset yesterday, something from someone – flowers and a B‘day balloon – put a lasting glow on the whole day. This morning, they greet me again: happy, happy!

   Simon wants out the front door. He scampers southeast across awakening turf.

   The car radio/ hit the rear defrost button/ airs Autumn Colors, piano music from England, someone named  Richfield?* – write that down –  follows with Eva Cassidy’s interpretation of Sting’s Fields of Gold, that brings tears to my eyes. Parallel horizontal lines grow on the rear hatchback window, thawing in furrows. How is my Beloved today?

   Do the balance beam, checks out. Secure the camera (pocketless pants).

   During my walk spot two heron. Two! One alights on a tree limb 20 feet above the creek at half-mile rapids, screaming in Prussian blue. The other soldier? One leg on the ground, an eye on the creek at picnic bend, on the outside of the curve. Its fringy feather beard fans further than a low-growing frond of leaves in front.

    A leaf  curled up next to a jaggery decaying tree stump catches my eye, which leads to some tree bark and shadows, followed by this: a clear plastic newspaper sleeve hangs from a young hemlock tree near Red Bridge, tied on by a piece of good twine.

   “This is Saturday,” I think. “Must be a geocache or a scavenger hunt.”

  Yes, maybe, but wait. Aha! Look again. It unmistakably is marked Ali, contains birthday greetings, and signed from the Woolly Bear. What a delightful surprise! This is intended for me, Alpha Lima Lima India Sierra Oscar November.  “Hope your birthday is as special as you are.” Sweet! Thank you dear Woolly Bear, thank you!

   Last night I was riveted to the edge of a huge, comfy sofa with a few of my favorite fellows, held spellbound by the cinematic fairy tale Slumdog Millionaire (debuted 12 November 2008) and all its charms.

   Tonight I plan to attend the Beggar’s Ball and I must be home by midnight.  Between now and then, make good return on investment, now and forever.

*note: Tom Salvatori and Iris Litchfield: Autumn Colours – When Evening Falls.


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