Here Ronchamps, There Ronchamps, Everywhere Ronchamps

  Early light at the Heron household brings a splashy light set to the windows: from the east and south, the day peeps in the small top panes of glass in the front door, the upper two panes of glass in the vertical strip along the front door, it reflects in the mirror that hangs on the wall between the door and the front living room window the exterior view of the side window, enters the living room’s large front window and the demilune neo-Palladian window above it. This sequence, which can be taken in turn and glimpsed as a whole, is supported by the static architecture, two features in particular: a square post near the entry way and the floating cross beam in the living room, plus the walls, floor and ceiling like important glottal stops, make me think Ronchamps cathedral has come to visit until I am able to visit Ronchamps. As the light pokes and prods its way toward a preliminary inspection of this world, exhausted and rested from yesterday’s rounds, I rouse myself to look forward to the day and make my reply, to live with this, to carry on. Why is a French Cathedral in the living room?


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