Goldilocks and the Three Bears

   What hope is there for a day in which you find a zillion-carat glass diamond for Pick of the Litter? It could be specious, it could be special. It has bevelled edges making an eight point star. Today will finish a notebook started on October 1. I always write the plan for the day on the right-hand page. Notes go on the left. For economy’s sake I used the last, left page for today’s plan and that changes everything. RECTO VERSO AD ABSURDUM.


 heron were spotted near the end of the first half of my route. One looked motley – sorry – and the other looked like a stork. Both were on the banks, Motley near the farm with a large outcropping of white outbuildings and Stork above the iron bridge. Another merged into my view as I stopped to strip off a striped wool sweater. The sweater is a 1980’s relic from Hecht’s in Washington D.C. area – navy with thin gray stripes. How many times I walk without seeing all the herons that are out, I cannot know – they can be hiding in the trees or camouflaged in the shrubbery or right in front of your rods and cones, like this one, wading elegantly in the creek.

   Two more heron pop up in the last mile: one standing one-legged on the sunny slope across from the picnic bend, soaking up the eastern light and one below half-mile rapids, staring at the water by a little inlet or rivulet.

    In between these sightings within the last-mile zodiac, I locate the Three Bears leaf constellation, a 3-leaf pathling. The leaves are of the same genus and species, similar in contour and represent sizes large, medium and small, like the Three Bears. Their axes of power, individually and combined, are stunning. The largest leaf runs west to east, the middle child north to south and baby bear east to west. How beautifully they are arranged! Nature has placed a spontaneous order for green and three and wood! Feng shui correct me if adn when I am wrong.

   When I have a chance to research diamond cuts maybe there will be a fancier name for it. FINITO.  

it’s called ROUND.


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