Retired in Tree City USA

   Bernville is one of 114 listed tree cities in Pennsylvania. Sonny at Jonathan’s Sunoco is kind enough to put new Cooper tires on the car. Goodbye, baldinis!

   Sears, which has been helping me out so much during my period of underfunding, helps me pay the bill. I may have been Discovering America a little too much this year. Many Americans live within their means and their budgets, so I know it can be done. But the average credit card debt of an American is what, $15,000?

   It is now 9:30 in the morning. The appointed time was nine, and I made it.

   The Bernville library opens at 11:00. I wait at the station WHERE THEY HAVE SEATS, which gives me time to absorb the flow of  customers and observe transactions. Sandy gives me the Bernville Newsletter to read after we’ve determined the library is closed.

   What a nice piece of work! The eight page newsletter covers October, November and December. Tucked in the middle is a green sheet of paper with recycling information and specifics. There is a 2011 calendar for sale ($5) at the borough hall, there was a contest for children to tell their favorite thing about the pool and Chloe was the random winner – SHE LIKES SWIMMING –  and if you wanted the free wood at Umbenhaur Park, where some decaying shade trees were chopped up, you could go get it.

   I must have this, I said. This is one of the best newsletters I have ever seen.A customer takes a seat near me. He’s retired. I need to get to work.  How many county seats are also Tree Cities, not only in Pennsylvania, but across the country? Which ones are named for our first three Presidents?

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